Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aloha Everyone,
I lost another 2 pounds. I'm stoked, that's a total of 10 pounds since thursday. I have a lot
more energy. With each pound that i shed i am really focusing on letting go of old baggage.
Over all stress is my goal. Because we are the nurturer's of the world, woman very rarely take time for themselves. Well ladies it is time. Time to huli out the old and bring in healthy new circumstances. Time to be in love with ourselves. This way we will be happy healthier Mother's,
Wives, Girl Friends, Friends, Aunties and Tutu's.

I am still training with my personal trainer, Alwyn Dumaran. We have really been doing a lot of core training. When I gave birth to Madeline i got a hernia. I can't tell you how much better it feels, since i've started shedding pounds. With Alwyn we would wrap my stomach to train, but now i don't need to.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Morning,
Well i've lost 8 pounds since thursday. I'm still training with my personal trainer, Alwyn Dumaran. He has kept my same work out. I have noticed that my feat are starting to feel a lot better. Because i have luau feet, plus having my daughter, my feet have gone up a whole size.
I am noticing that my frame is starting to smooth out. Like my back, the fat at the top of my Okole. I am staying consistent with the drops. I don't feel weak or hungry at all. My publicist Adrian Kamali`i who is also on this diet is doing great. He has lost 20 pounds. I'm so proud of him.... I am detaching my baggage from the past as i drop the pounds and it feels great.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Morning,
Well i've lost exactly one pound in a day. I feel good. Getting thru the day was good. I find that if my house is calm, i do a lot better. I have my candles and classical music on. I didn't feel an urge to eat more or cheat. Towards the end of the night, i could have gotten up and eaten a snack, but i just went to sleep. I have a personal trainer, Alwyn Dumaran with Island Muscle Works. On this diet, they don't want you to do more than what you normally do with your work outs. So he has been keeping it the same. We are both interested in the outcome. I am restricted to 500 calories a day. But, i could hardly finish my dinner last night. Timing the drops i need to take was at first a challenge, but i have it down now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Good Morning,
This is my first blog on the way to loosing weight. A very good friend of mine Kristin Jackson came up to me at the Hoku Awards in a beautiful white suit. She looked fabulous, more so she looked free. She had this beautiful glo about her. I said what have you been doing? She said I'll get a hold of you, it's called hCJ. Now, she of all people know that I have a lot of people coming up to me wanting me to endorse things all the time. My Publicist Adrian Kamali`i said call her and try. At least go in and see what its' about. I sat there in the meeting listening to Gabrielle Butchart speak of this product that is hormonally based to help you permanently lose weight. Now the words PERMANENTLY LOSE WEIGHT, rang in my ears for hours after our meeting.
I don't know if anyone reading is like me, but i think i have been on every diet known to man. In the entertainment business it's very important to look fit. Well, after baby came boy did i notice how hard it was to get off the weight. It wasn't just the weight it was having absolutely no time for myself. Because i run my own business from, bookings, touring, lighting, sound, band, albums, composing, concerts to ballet recitals for Madeline, preschool, May Day, Graduation to my personal relationship. Last night i sat reading a chapter in my Deepak Chopra book about Detachment. I thought to myself what better way to start my transformation. Detach myself from baggage. Give myself up to the unknown. Trust the process to transformation. I believe a lot of my weight issue is always taking care of everyone else. I'm not complaining at all. I have just come to the conclusion that it's time for me now. I'm a single Mom. My daughter will always come first but if I'm happy, she is happy. After all i can't keep saying i just had a baby, she's 4 now.