Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Morning,
Well i've lost exactly one pound in a day. I feel good. Getting thru the day was good. I find that if my house is calm, i do a lot better. I have my candles and classical music on. I didn't feel an urge to eat more or cheat. Towards the end of the night, i could have gotten up and eaten a snack, but i just went to sleep. I have a personal trainer, Alwyn Dumaran with Island Muscle Works. On this diet, they don't want you to do more than what you normally do with your work outs. So he has been keeping it the same. We are both interested in the outcome. I am restricted to 500 calories a day. But, i could hardly finish my dinner last night. Timing the drops i need to take was at first a challenge, but i have it down now.

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