Wednesday, June 8, 2011

O.K. Everyone. I went back on the drops. I've been on them for 3 days now and have lost 4 pounds. I'm still training with my personal trainer. I had a set back. I had some personal issues and went into a small funk. Because I am an emotional eater. Food has always been a reward in my family. Finish a good show go eat. Go out and party, go eat. Celebrate something in the family go eat. Plus, i am a very social person. Well, It upset me that i had to deal with this personal issue so i took the focus off of my personal relationship with me. Now that that is pau, i made a personal commitment to my self to stay focused and concentrated on myself and my daughter.
We are the nurture's of this planet. Therefore as women we hold extra emotions. I feel great. I wrote a personal letter to everyone in my past that i felt i was still holding baggage with. Read it out loud and burned all of them. Weeee haaa. Emotions are such a huge part of diet and health.
And being and feeling worthy while living in the NOW. Time to transform the inside and the outside..... For me...


  1. Hi Amy,
    This is very inspiring. What are these 'drops' that your taking are they available here on Oahu?

    Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey...I'm on my own and I struggle daily. Good luck and God bless you!

    Aloha - Riya

  2. HI Amy, this is Kimmie, Alwyn's cousin from Oahu. Just wanna say that I agree with you 100%, we ladies are emotional & sociable eaters. You are inspiring! so I was thinking that you should do a reality show about empowering woman especially local woman that put themselves last in life. local woman that has a career, family, and married/relationship, and first off a weight/health problems. you could use us sisters here in Oahu for the pilot. Much love & support to you.

  3. Amy you are a beautiful person inside & out, truly,I'll be your jafari window.. believe me,I do understand the weight thing,I've struggled myself,It's also how we look at our selved & wha we say to ourself. Smile cus you look great.

  4. Aloha Amy,
    I understand where you are coming from. Emotional eating is a difficult obstacle regardless of sex. I can tell you it gets easier the more you focus on it.
    You are a constant inspiration,